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IT Policies and Information Security Policy

Policies and Procedures are an essential part of any organization. These days virtually, every business operate out of computers, mobiles, and the internet. Proper usage of IT assets ensures data confidentiality and also offer a competitive advantage.  Organizations with IT Policies and clear guidelines in the usage of computers, internet, and emails are less vulnerable to various threats.

Applications designed to steal, corrupt and destroy information can be transmitted in seemingly innocuous documents via email. Certain websites can exploit vulnerabilities to install “backdoor” programs that can allow unauthorized remote access to a workstation or even access to the network. Installing some freeware application can leak your critical data or it can even convert your IT asset into a bot. And hacker can use these bots to attempt an attack.

Implementing and enforcing IT policy not only protects an organization from online threats but it can also improve transparency and efficiency in its business.

We help our customers to draft and Implement their IT policies and cybersecurity policy.


October 23, 2015


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